Piazza delle Pallottole overlooks Piazza del Duomo between Via del Proconsolo and Via dello Studio. Compared to the current dimensions, rather contained, once the square had a greater surface; was reduced during the nineteenth century with the enlargement of Piazza del Duomo.

The origin of the name refers to the fact that in that square it was allowed to dispute the “game of bullets”, a sort of game of bowls, unlike in many other areas, especially near places of worship, where it was expressly forbidden by specific plates affixed by the “Eight of Balia”. The square was used by the “stonemasons” for the creation of the sculptures destined to the external decoration of Santa Maria del Fiore. A place therefore of great “operative” and artistic fervor. At the base of a building in Piazza delle Pallottole, towards Via dello Studio, there is a plaque with the inscription “Sasso di Dante” in memory of the place where Dante used to sit, sitting on a rock there, to observe the construction works of the Cathedral.

It is said that from there passed an acquaintance who suddenly asked the Poet “Oh Dante, what is the food you like best?” his answer … the egg… More than a year later, finding the Poet again in that place and wanting to take him by surprise, he said to him, “With what?”, To which Dante replied without particular discomfort “With salt!”.

Piazza delle Pallottole is also remembered because in that place Leone Strozzi stabbed Giuliano Salviati, a great friend of the Duke Alessandro de ‘Medici, who had heavily harassed his sister Luigia Strozzi.

(Fonte: iTourist)

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