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Welcome to the so-called ‘Cradle of Renaissance’!  Florence is a City of Art because its important museums rich in artworks, and because its City-Center which is an open-air museum itself;  but what makes it more interesting and gives a great value to it is definitely the (Hi)story contained in every one of this artworks and monuments.

Guided tours with a local guide are the best way to be in touch with all this value; the local guide is able to lead you across the narrow alleys and the History and culture of a city. It would be a placer for me to lead you in this amazing and charming city, being your personal guide in your next visit to Florence; furthermore I’ll be glad to give you great recommendations about local food and wine, and the places where you can have them.

Tickets for museums are not included in the price.

To guarantee the entry to the museums (specially Uffizi and Accademia) is necessary to book the tickets in advance

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About Me


I’m Mexican living in Florence since 2001. I came to this stunning city to study restoration of artworks, and later I decided to study also photography in an Academy of Art. In addition to loving Art History and Photography, I’m passionate about italian enogastronomic culture, thus I also obtained the certificated 1st level of sommelier course.

I’m a certificated touristic leader & guide, and I work in tourism since 2015


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