One land, thousand shades!!

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Hi, my name is Claudio. My degree is in Art History and I’m a certified tour guide. I love the art and I love my homeland after all. I living in Palermo, a strange but beautiful city or like I’m use describe it, “One land with thousand shades”. Because Palermo as well as the Sicily was made by different peolple who lived here along the centuries, making it a multicultural island. It will be my pleasure show you all this shades, still visible in our monuments, our traditions and in particular in our people. The private tour is the perfect one, because in this way you can give the guide your personal points of interest if the selected hours allows it, so you can choose a park, an itinerary or a museum (the tickets are not included in the prices), once selected the hours and click the sight’s that whant to see, we will receive the itinerary you request that we will confirm immediately , if you select museums is important to know that we can not guarantee the entry)


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