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Entrance tickets to museums and attractions




Step by step you will be guided in the urban history of Florence, where medieval architecture blends with 

Renaissance art. We will discover the streets and squares, where political events of one of the most 

powerful Italian and European families, the Medici, for many years intertwined with the city life.

The Florentine alleys actually hide its culture among artisan shops, markets, ancient buildings. Together, we 

will make great discoveries.

A walking tour through Florence allows you to fell the essence of the city. Recommended for those visiting 

Florence for the first time or as a first glance during your stay.

1 Hour

From: 45,00

About Me

Hello! My name is Giulia and if you want it I’ll be your tourist guide for the city of Florence.The passion for art accompanies me from the age of 13, when I decided to attend the Artistic high School in my city, Grosseto … from that moment we always held hands. This bond brought me to Florence, a wonderful place of art in which I graduated in History and Protection of Artistic Heritage and where I still live by pursuing my passion, working as a qualified tourist guide.


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