Ravenna hearth of sparkly Gold
Gold ….as mosaics lights.
Gold…as Roman Byzantine treasure.
Gold…as  Ravenna Capital City.
When Eastern and Western world ruled togheter.
Ravenna is art city for excellence, a place of history and culture that embraces its glorious past while offering modern diversions, as well. The city gots eight monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List for their incredibly detailed and well-preserved mosaics being referred to as “Little Byzantium” for its history and art connected to that ancient empire.

A unique environement of 35 miles of coastline on the Adriatic Sea, just minutes from the city center. Some of the beach area is protected as a nature reserve encompassing the Po Delta, with pine woods backing the unspoiled beaches.

Charming art city with ethereal themed mosaics, alabaster and other materials that glint the light in all his hidden spaces. A shelter for Dante Alighieri great poet in the past and today still conveniently located within Venice, Bologna and Ferrara.

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About Me

Welcome guests!
My name is Silvia, I come from Tuscany and I am 45 years old.
The strong dynamism and enthusiasm that I have as traveler around the world, led me to enter the profession of guide. Visiting the splendid Emilia Romagna, my adoptive land since long time, means to explore among sea, hills, spa and Roman, Byzantine, Renaissance monuments still preserved.

This and more for all those who, in the space of a short or long vacation, decide to change his life, suddenly, moved by an irresistible instinct. I’ll be happy to help you in choosing your route, offer assistance and qualified support.

Enjoy your personal way and live all the warm hospitality of its people.
In a very short time I’ll give you information that will help to get a taylor made trip. Transfers, excursions, cooking class and shopping. Come on than and choose the corner of Romagna that will stay in your heart forever.


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